A film is - or should be - more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what’s behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later.
~ Stanley Kubrick
IN A BETTER WORLD (2010) — What makes the friendship between Christian and Elias so special is how deeply and honestly Susanne Bier displays the emotional side of both children. Only by peering the eyes of the two actors, I can feel the all emotional reasons why they become such small terrorists. YOUNG TÖRLESS (1966) — Violence is not just a physical matter, but also psychological and emotional. In Young Törless, ethical ​​and subjective values ​​were so contradictory. Then the boundaries between good and evil even more vague. PHARAOH (1966) — Faraon is an evocative anatopism, also an astonishing colossal. A truly rare gem of its kind. Not only works as a visual declaration, Kawalerowicz also made it so carefully, so mesmerizing, yet so challenging. THE BOYS OF PAUL STREET (1969) — An ironic allegory not only for the face of war, but also the heart of it: militarism and nationalism. The irony in the end makes the two terminologies be absurd. SPIRITED AWAY (2001) — “What's in a name?” asked Shakespeare. “A name is an identity,” said this movie. MISS JULIE (1951) - Miss Julie is a very challenging study, whether psychological or situational. In a simple but smart way, Miss Julie presents the phases of a political game of love and seduction. MY NIGHT AT MAUD'S (1969) - Éric Rohmer not only talk about choices and risks of choices, there is also a glimpse the importance of choices and the pain of choices. My Night at Maud's, for me, is the most amazing movie about refracting those two opposing aspects of life. TEN (2002) — The use of "dashboard camera" method by Abbas Kiarostami is successfully providing such microscopic spectacle about the characters, not only on outside but also capable of making this movie as a unique character and gender study. THE PARTY AND THE GUESTS / A REPORT ON THE PARTY AND THE GUESTS (1966) — The allegory is not only the great thing about this Czechoslovak New Wave Cinema movie, but also its weirdness, its unnatural behavior, its peculiar plot, but the most of it is about how the movie smartly move without caution. ELEPHANT (2003) — Elephant is a piece of work that should be commended for its bravery. Such compliments are mainly intended to for Gus Van Sant's guts on using such non-linear and unusual narrative spectacle. Also packed with such unnatural risky styles which was really cost lot of guts.

Film Inggris

Kategori ini berisi daftar film-film Hollywood, Inggris, atau film-film dari negari lain yang sebagian besar durasinya didominasi bahasa Inggris.

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Film 1920-an
1927 The Love of Zero Skor: B

Film 1940-an
1946 Ritual in Transfigured Time Skor: A

Film 1950-an
1950 All About Eve Skor: A
1952 Singin' in the Rain Skor: A+
1953 Roman Holiday Skor: A
1953 The War of the Worlds Skor: B
1954 Sabrina Skor: B
1955 East of Eden Skor: A–
1958 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Skor: A–

Film 1960-an
1960 BUtterfield 8 Skor: C 
1965 Doctor Zhivago Skor: B+
1966 Rape Skor: C
1968 Isadora Skor: B+
1969 My Name is Oona Skor: C+ 

Film 1970-an
1973 The Exorcist Skor: A–
1974 The Great Gatsby Skor:
1976 Taxi Driver Skor: A
1976 The Man Who Fell to Earth Skor: C
1978 Heaven Can Wait Skor: B–
1978 The Deer Hunter Skor: A

Film 1980-an
1980 Friday the 13th Skor: D
1981 An American Werewolf in London Skor: C
1981 Clash of the Titans Skor: C–
1983 Risky Business Skor: C
1984 A Passage to India Skor: A
1984 The Karate Kid Skor: B+
1985 The Boys Next Door Skor: B
1985 The Breakfast Club Skor: B+
1985 The Color Purple Skor: B+
1986 Lady Jane Skor: B
1986 Pretty in Pink Skor: B 
1987 Mannequin Skor: E
1987 Some Kind of Wonderful Skor: B
1988 Dangerous Liaisons Skor: B+
1989 Cousins Skor: B+
1989 Drugstore Cowboy Skor: A
1989 Heathers Skor: B

Film 1990-an
1990 Henry & June Skor: B
1991 Dead Again Skor: C+
1991 Flirting Skor: B
1992 Howards End Skor: A+
1992 Orlando Skor: B+
1992 The Bodyguard Skor: C
1993 The Secret Garden Skor: A
1994 Four Weddings and a Funeral Skor: B 
1994 Interview with the Vampire Skor: C
1994 Little Buddha Skor: C
1994 The Madness of King George Skor: B+
1995 Sabrina Skor: C
1996 Marvin's Room Skor: B
1996 Mission: Impossible Skor: C+
1996 The First Wives Club Skor: C+
1996 The Mirror Has Two Faces Skor: C+
1997 Contact Skor: B
1997 Gattaca Skor: B+
1997 Geri's Game Skor: B
1997 The Boys Club Skor: C
1997 The Wings of the Dove Skor: B
1998 Armageddon Skor: E
1998 Bunny Skor: B
1998 Can't Hardly Wait Skor: C
1998 Edge of Seventeen Skor: D
1998 Ever After Skor: C+
1998 Les Misérables Skor: C+
1998 Practical Magic Skor: D
1999 Cruel Intentions Skor: C+
1999 Election Skor: B+
1999 eXistenZ Skor:
1999 Never Been Kissed Skor: C
1999 The Cider House Rules Skor: B
1999 The End of the Affair Skor: B
1999 The Love Letter Skor: E

Film 2000-an
2000 Billy Elliot Skor: A–
2000 Chocolat Skor: B+
2000 Mission: Impossible II Skor: C
2000 Rejected Skor: A
2001 Bridget Jones's Diary Skor: C+
2001 In The Bedroom Skor: A
2001 The Others Skor: C+
2002 Taboo Skor: D
2002 The ChubbChubbs! Skor: C+ 
2002 The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys Skor: B+
2003 Calendar Girls Skor: C+
2003 Cold Mountain Skor: B
2003 Destino Skor: A 
2003 Elephant Skot: A
2003 Girl with a Pearl Earring Skor: C
2003 Harvie Krumpet Skor: B+
2003 House of Sand and Fog Skor: B
2004 Before Sunset Skor: B+
2004 Being Julia Skor: B+
2004 Ella Enchanted Skor: C+ 
2004 Ladies in Lavender Skor: B
2004 Ryan Skor: A+ 
2004 Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Skor: B
2004 The Clearing Skor: C
2005 Elizabethtown Skor: C
2006 All the Boys Love Mandy Lane Skor: C+
2006 Art School Confidential Skor: B+
2006 The Little Matchgirl Skor: B–
2006 The Queen Skor: A
2007 And When Did You Last See Your Father? Skor: A
2007 Atonement Skor: A
2007 Deadly Pledge Skor: E 
2007 Gone Skor: B
2007 I Met the Walrus Skor: B
2007 Ratatouille Skor: B+
2007 Savage Grace Skor: C
2007 Silver Road Skor: C+
2007 Superbad Skor: C+
2008 Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging Skor: B
2008 Body of Lies Skor: D
2008 Burn After Reading Skor: C
2008 Brideshead Revisited Skor: C+
2008 Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Skor: C+ 
2008 Second Wind Skor: B 
2008 The Edge of Love Skor: C
2008 The Secret Life of Bees Skor: B
2009 (500) Days of Summer Skor: B+  
2009 9 Skor: C
2009 A Single Man Skor: A 
2009 Adventureland Skor: B
2009 Agora Skor: C
2009 Amelia Skor: D
2009 Case 39 Skor: D
2009 Chloe Skor: C–
2009 Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant Skor: E
2009 Coraline Skor: B
2009 Dorian Gray Skor: C
2009 Fantastic Mr. Fox Skor: B+
2009 Fired Up! Skor: E
2009 Hachiko: A Dog's Story Skor: C
2009 It's Complicated Skor: C
2009 Killshot Skor: C
2009 Logorama Skor: B 
2009 Messengers 2: The Scarecrow Skor: D
2009 Miracle Fish Skor: B
2009 Moon Skor: B
2009 Nine Skor: D
2009 Nowhere Boy Skor: B 
2009 Orphan Skor: C 
2009 Possession Skor: D 
2009 Post Grad Skor: C
2009 Push Skor: E
2009 Solomon Kane Skor: C
2009 The Blind Side Skor: C
2009 The Last Station Skor: A
2009 The Lovely Bones Skor: E
2009 The Princess and the Frog Skor: B–
2009 The Young Victoria Skor: B 
2009 Up Skor: B+
2009 Up in the Air Skor: B+
2009 Zombieland Skor: B

2010 Black Death Skor: B+
2010 Black Swan Skor: B+
2010 Burlesque Skor: C
2010 Centurion Skor: D 
2010 Charlie St. Cloud Skor: D
2010 Chatroom Skor: C
2010 Clash of the Titans Skor: C
2010 Daybreakers Skor: C
2010 Dear John Skor: D
2010 Devil Skor: C 
2010 Easy A Skor: B+
2010 Eat Pray Love Skor: D
2010 Frankie and Alice Skor: C
2010 Furry Vengeance Skor: E
2010 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Skor: B 
2010 How to Train Your Dragon Skor: B
2010 Kick-Ass Skor: B
2010 Killers Skor: D
2010 Knight and Day Skor: C
2010 Leap Year Skor: D
2010 Letters to Juliet Skor: C+
2010 Life as We Know It Skor: C
2010 Love Ranch Skor: D 
2010 Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang Skor: B
2010 Never Let Me Go Skor: B+
2010 Predators Skor: D
2010 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Skor: C
2010 RED Skor: C
2010 Remember Me Skor: C
2010 Robin Hood Skor: C
2010 Salt Skor: C+
2010 Scott Pilgrim vs the World Skor: C
2010 Shanghai Skor: C
2010 Shutter Island Skor: B
2010 Skyline Skor: E
2010 Step Up 3D Skor: C
2010 Tamara Drewe Skor C+
2010 Tekken Skor: D
2010 The A-Team Skor: D
2010 The Expandables Skor: D
2010 The Ghost Writer Skor: B+
2010 The Karate Kid Skor: C
2010 The Kids Are All Right Skor: B+
2010 The King's Speech Skor: B+ 
2010 The Last Airbender Skor: E
2010 The Last Exorcism Skor: D
2010 The Last Song Skor: E
2010 The Lost Thing Skor: B+
2010 The Next Three Days Skor: D 
2010 The Rebound Skor: C
2010 The Social Network Skor: B+ 
2010 The Sorcerer's Apprentice Skor: D
2010 The Tourist Skor: C– 
2010 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Skor: D
2010 Toy Story 3 Skor: B+
2010 Tron: Legacy Skor: D
2010 Valentine's Day Skor: C
2010 When in Rome Skor: E
2010 Winter's Bone Skor: B